i love

I am your everyday, run-of-the-mill energetic, spastic and positive person. I believe that this life is far too short to not laugh at yourself, a lot, and it’s also incredibly too short to not just have fun with what you have. So this is me. I am married to the absolute man of my dreams, who is more handsome and more wonderful than the day I met him. **fun fact, the first time we went on a date we played football in the rain and I punched him in the nose** We have a baby girl that will be every one of my grey hairs and I love her fiercely, she is the most beautiful gift. We just welcomed our second little babe, he is precious beyond words, a gift from God we daily cherish. We have two dogs, Chula and Goose, they too, will be every one of my grey hairs.

 I drink coffee black, I eat cake like there is no tomorrow and I could take portraits of newborn babies everyday of my life if my schedule allowed me. I was given a disposable camera at the age of five and spent an hour of my life taking pictures of a corn husk doll on a speed boat in my childhood neighborhood… the rest was history. But don’t worry I have since then updated my camera and subjects ;). 

*Self portraits taken by Heritage photography by Lauren*

hello. I'm callie.


party planning

the emerald coast

North Carolina fields

real moments

ring shots

messy hair

This is how photography has always been for me. This job is 100% who I am, what I love, what I am passionate about and how I want to spend the rest of my life. I love meeting new people, traveling to new destinations and searching for new locations for clients.

I have been asked before, upon being hired, what sets me apart? The “why you” question… honestly all I could really say was, take a chance on me (that goes to all my ABBA fans) because this isn’t a fad for me, this isn’t a time in my life where I once did this thing called photography, this is it for me; I am all in and this is my passion in every way. I don’t stop at where I am at, I am constantly challenging myself and pushing myself outside of boundaries to be the best version of myself that I can be for my clients. So if you are wondering, do we “fit”, will she mesh with my family well, or whatever you may be questioning, know that I’m in, if you are!

"Some things, some talents come so naturally to some people, to where it almost feels like it’s apart of them."